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Enriching your life with plants and gardens


Garden Centres of Australia

Garden Centres Association of Australia Inc (GCA) was formed over 20 years ago to represent independent garden centres throughout Australia. It is our mission to support and inspire members and actively promote the benefits of plants and gardening and local garden centres. 

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Become A Member

We are a dynamic community of committed garden centre owners and staff, working together in an exciting and rapidly growing industry. A GCA membership is an invaluable business investment to ensure your garden centre is an Australian market leader. Annual memberships available.

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Garden Releaf Day

Garden Releaf Day promotes the benefits that plants and gardens provide to enrich our lives. Garden centres around Australia come together to share this message – with an explosion of colour, fun activities and informative events for the whole family, while raising money for community projects and charities.

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About GCA

Grow Your Business

We provide meaningful networking opportunities for garden centres (united in sharing knowledge, experiences and vision). We offer industry-focused education, training and support.

Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors

Get the latest in plant information, international news and marketing trends with regular communications.

Membership to IGCA

Keep up with international trends and attend annual IGCA Congress at a discounted rate.  Learn more >

Save On Garden Releaf Day

GCA supports members with discounted marketing materials to help with in-store and online promotions. 

Community Hub

Regular virtual catch-ups enables open discussion with other members and suppliers.

Closed Facebook Page

Members can come together to share ideas, improve skills, learn from others or have a general chit-chat.  

Other Benefits

Confidential monthly interfirm comparisons and mystery shopper discount. 

Garden Releaf

From The Blues To Green

Garden Releaf promotes the benefits of surrounding yourself with living plants – whether that be in your own garden (whatever the size), enjoying time in a garden created by others, savouring produce or fragrance produced from a garden or simply being able to enjoy the fresh, clean air and calming view that gardens and living greenery provide.

Gardening and living greenery has been scientifically proven to improve not only a person’s physical and mental health, but also helps to reduce stress and anxiety and builds self-esteem.

Research and studies continue to identify new ways that plants and gardens enrich our lives and through our social media and blogs, we communicate and highlight these benefits to the general public.

Garden Releaf provides ideas and opportunities, inspiration and events that will help you and your loved ones be more actively involved in gardens, gardening and greenery; improving your physical and mental wellbeing.

Sadly, we know that over three million Australians live with depression or anxiety.  Garden Releaf provides an opportunity for you to get involved. Learn more about how you can help yourself and others to improve mental and physical wellbeing simply by emerging yourself in plants, greenery and a garden.

Gardening is an enjoyable and integral part of my life. When I reflect on the must haves that I include in my personal self-care practices, spending time gardening, working on new garden projects in my own little patch and visiting other gardens all rate highly on my list.

Steven Wells

Therapeutic Horticulturist