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Enriching Out Lives With Plants And Greenery


Garden Centres of Australia (GCA) actively promotes the positive benefits of ‘plant therapy’ for our physical, mental and emotional health right across the year – via our social platforms, on our blogs, partnerships with ambassadors and in the media.

We promote the benefits of visiting your local garden centre and regularly showcase the good work our members are doing – not only for their customers, but for their communities.

GCA works closely with other Australian industry-related associations and garden retail suppliers and buyer groups to maximise resources available to our members.

Expert advice is best when it’s local, as it’s specific to the conditions where you live.

Pick up the phone or head down to your local garden centre.

Experts are ready to speak with you on best plants, care and tips for designing, growing and caring for your garden.

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How Covid-19 Changed Our Homes And Lives

For workers, homes became the desk, office and boardroom; for families, a new playground and school – a place to learn and explore. For many of us, our homes became our only sanctuary.

The pandemic has fundamentally shifted how we live, learn and play.

As shelves emptied in supermarkets, people filled new home veggie patches with seeds and seedlings. The longer we spent indoors, the more we came to value the outdoors, with its fresh air, sunlight, sense of calm and everything else nature has to offer.

The local park went from something we took for granted to an essential need – a place to stay well, physically and mentally. All this increased our desire to bring the outside in. A plant for the home office, some green for the home classroom. Something to refresh us, and the air we breathe.

The first waves of the pandemic may be behind us, but we know the way we live will never be quite the same again. The lessons learnt have fundamentally redefined our homes and what we want and need from them. We now understand the important role which nature plays within our lives. We can’t and we won’t underestimate nature again. Our homes of the future will be abundant with flowers, greenery and trees. We’ve brought plants back into our lives, and we’re never letting them back out again.