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How To Be Successful with Your Cyclamen

Cyclamen are one of the most rewarding Autumn/Winter flowering indoor plants that money can buy. The flowers can be large and bold, or small and delicate, even slightly fragrant, whilst the foliage with its coloured leaves always looks great. They will flower for weeks.


Position: Cool, light airy spot indoors or sheltered spot outdoors. Some varieties will grow in full Winter sun.

Flowering Time: Autumn, Winter & Spring.

Cyclamen are a much sought after gift plant and we can delightfully wrap them for you if you wish. We have a range of colours to suit all tastes, that includes shades of pink, red, purple, mauve, bi-colours and the purest of white. We even have some with frilly petals and the occasional fragrant ones.

The New ‘Garden Variety’ Cyclamen

These Cyclamen are varieties that have been selected for their ability to withstand heat and bright light conditions, as well as cool conditions. Growth is vigorous but compact and the bright, large flowers contrast well with strongly marked leaves. Grow them in your garden as a border or a feature focal point. You can, of course, grow them in pots too.

When to Buy?

Improved breeding now means that we have Cyclamen available from February through to October but the peak time is still Autumn and Winter.

Where to Grow?

Cyclamen prefer an airy position with plenty of strong, indirect light. If they are indoors then the room should not be overheated with artificial heating. Cyclamen will tolerate warmth through the day but do need cooler evenings for best performance. If you grow your Cyclamen in a heated room then spell them outside, on a sheltered verandah, at night occasionally. You’ll find that this will lengthen flower and plant life by some weeks or even months.

How Much Water?

Water plants thoroughly at all times i.e. not just a cup full, but a good watering that soaks the root ball fully. Cyclamen need to be kept slightly moist but should never be over-watered. Cyclamen in pots indoors ideally need to be put outside or into a sink to enable correct watering. Water in the morning if you can and let your plants get to the ‘just slightly moist’ stage between each watering. If unsure about watering do ask our staff but err on the side of slightly dry if anything.
Over-watering is characterised by drooping stems and yellowing leaves.

Any Pests and Diseases?

Not really. The main action that kills Cyclamen is us when we over-water them by trying to be too kind.

Do You Feed them?

Yes, liquid food such as PowerFeed can be applied every two or three weeks whilst your plants are flowering.

Some Handy Hints for Success

  • Remove any yellow leaves or faded flowers as they form. You can do this by twisting the affected stem carefully and snapping it off at the base. Be sure to remove the whole stem carefully,
  • Once your Cyclamen has finished flowering you can compost it if you wish as you will have had good value. If you wish to plant it into a sheltered spot in the garden then do so and you should have flowers in future years.
  • Remember, no plant was ever intended by Nature to grow indoors indefinitely. Many however, such as Cyclamen, adapt well but require a little extra care.

Can You Repot Them?

Certainly. Once your plant flowers in its pot, place it in a sheltered spot outdoors and repot when it dies down, generally around December.

You can either pot back into the same size pot, after replacing the old soil, or move it up one size only. Do ensure that the top of the corm (bulb) is left slightly uncovered. We recommend potting into Grow Better Professional Blend Potting Mix and feeding with PowerFeed.

Cyclamen are great and available in a multitude of varieties and sizes. The foliage always looks good and given correct conditions you will have flowers for many weeks.

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