What Is Garden Releaf?

Garden Releaf is an innovative program established by Garden Centres of Australia (GCA) in 2014. It’s designed to help people realise the many benefits of spending time in a garden or simply surrounding themselves with living greenery. Furthermore, on Garden Releaf Day Garden Centres raise money for Mito Foundation.

In total, Garden Releaf has raised around $350,000 for Beyond Blue since 2015. Thank you to participating garden centres, key suppliers and our customers for your remarkable support!

Garden Releaf promotes the benefits of:

  • surrounding yourself with living plants – in your own garden (whatever the size),
  • enjoying time in a garden created by others,
  • savouring produce or fragrance produced from a garden,
  • or simply being able to enjoy the fresh, clean air and calming view that gardens and living greenery provide.
  • Garden Releaf is truly Garden Therapy to improve your health and wellbeing.

Research and studies continue to identify new ways that plants and gardens enrich our lives.

Garden Releaf provides an opportunity for you to get involved by participating in our Garden Releaf Day each year.

Independent garden centres across Australia support and get involved in the program.

Garden Releaf Day 2024 – Date to be announced

Focusing on the benefits that plants and gardens provide to enrich our lives. Garden Centres around Australia will be exploding with colour, fun activities and informative events for the whole family across the day. At the same time they’ll be fundraising for Mito Foundation.

Gardens and colour are proven to be beneficial for positive mental health and wellbeing. This year’s message is Colour for Health. 

Whilst we have only one official Garden Releaf Day each year, GCA continues to promote the benefits of gardening all year round. We do this via our Facebook and Instagram pages and our blog on this web site.

The 2023 Participating Garden Releaf Garden Centres can be found by Clicking Here.

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Garden Centres interested in participating in Garden Releaf 2023 can find out more information on the button below.

Garden Releaf Ambassadors

We are delighted and grateful to have so many prominent gardening personalities generously giving their time as ambassadors for Garden Releaf.

Our National Ambassador is Graham Ross who said when contacted:

“Digging, planting, weeding, pruning, mowing, propagating cuttings, fertilising, watering, reading, clearing up. I love it all, even if it’s only for an hour or so. Gardening reduces my blood pressure, clears my mind, exercises my heart and soul, inspires my mind and constantly forces me to look positively to the future; not only for a season but sometimes years ahead when you plant a tree.

Now all we have to do is make gardening a ‘disease’ (well, you know what I mean), so that the next generation grow up with a gardening heritage in their blood. Simple”.

Our valued Ambassadors for 2023 are:

  • Graham Ross – Better Homes & Gardens, Radio 2GB & 4BC
  • Costa Georgiadis – Gardening Australia TV ABC
  • Heide Martin & James Wall – Radio 3AW 693 Melbourne
  • Sophie Thomson – Gardening Australia TV ABC & Weekend Herald Sun
  • Michael Keelan – Radio 5aa Adelaide
  • Trevor Cochrane – The Garden Gurus Magazine & TV, WA radio
  • Steven Wells – Horticultural Therapist with Austin Health
  • Colin Barlow – Radio & TV WA
  • Claire Bickle – ABC radio talkback & magazine contributor, QLD

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Garden Releaf activities are held at Independent Garden Centres across Australia.