Memories live in a garden. Gardens, flowers and plants impact us differently.  They play continually changing roles as we grow and age. For some, gardening is a way to produce food, add value to the family home or earn a living. Whereas for others plants are a fashionable home styling accessory with air cleaning benefits. Flowers and gardens form the basis of happy memories and are key to staying positive and healthy. They enable us to  remain in touch with nature and be active with friends and loved ones.

Creating Memories

Plants, flowers and gardens create memories by impacting our senses. It could be  a colourful pot of flowers at our front door.  Or the sweet taste of a home-grown apple, the sounds of birds in the trees or a scratch from a rose thorn.  In particular our sense of smell has been shown to stir up significant memories and emotions from the garden. Memories such as the scent of fresh herbs as you brush by them or the beautiful fragrance of Daphne on a cool winter’s morning.


Reminiscence therapy has been used since the early 1960’s to increase psychological wellbeing, improve life satisfaction, elevate communication and have a positive impact on daily life.  It does this whilst reducing depressive emotions and feelings of loneliness. Furthermore, it has gained far more widespread use now as research continues to provide more evidence of its positive impact.. Both young and old need to reminisce to maintain good mental health.

Garden Centres Association of Australia President, John van der Horst, emphasises the benefits of gardens in having a significant and positive effect on a person’s physical and mental health and wellbeing.

What better place is there to create memories or reminisce with a loved one than in the garden? Memories live in a garden. You can plant, smell or pick flowers together, enjoy home grown strawberries, dig and weed your patch, stroll or run through a garden, play or simply sit and talk,” Mr van der Horst said. “The message behind Garden Releaf is to encourage everyone to get out in the garden for at least 30 minutes a week,” he added.

memories live in a garden