Plant your blues and see what grows.  Blue is a peaceful, tranquil colour that upon sight encourages the body to produce calming chemicals and thereby promoting physical and mental relaxation. When you look out at the vastness of a calm blue ocean or tilt your head to look up at an endless bright blue sky, it is easy to understand how you  find inner peace, confidence and a sense of optimism in the colour blue.


Colour has long been associated with influencing our health and wellbeing. Like fragrance and texture, colour is an element of visual language – impacting, influencing and inspiring us. We wear colour to help create and adjust our mood. All of us eat and drink colour with different vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and tastes in our diets. Most of us surround ourselves in colour.

The majority of us love colour in our gardens, our homes, our lives! We give our children colouring books and pencils. Even adults now spend time de-stressing by colouring in.

Research continues to show us that gardening is good for us. The mental and physical health benefits of gardens and gardening are broad and diverse. So what better place is there to be immersed in the colour blue than in our gardens?

In a garden the role of blue is tireless. Subtle contrasts and blending of silver, green and blue can create restful spaces for contemplation and quiet time. Shades of blue help stabilise a riot of electric colours without too much fuss. Blue brings a sense of order and calm.  Borders can be planted and beds layered with trios of colour using blue intermingling with other reds, yellows and greens.

Blue is a favourite colour for bees. The blue coloured plants and flowers help bees pollinate.  This then produces an abundance of healthy fresh home grown fruits and vegetables alongside fabulous, antioxidant rich blueberries. All of which can easily be grown in any garden patch or pot.

So plant your blues and see how you feel.

plant your blues and see what grows