The power of the Blueberry. Blueberries – renamed ‘Brainberries’ by author Dr Steven Platt, contain the highest antioxidant capacity of all fruits and berries. Furthermore, they are excellent for your brain, memory, cognitive function and overall health.

Dr Joanna McMillan, one of Australia’s favourite and most trusted health and wellbeing experts says, “blueberries are one of my favourite fruits. Frozen or fresh they are just delicious, bursting with Vitamin C and a whole bunch of health promoting antioxidants. PLUS they are low in kilojoules. When I feel like a mid-afternoon snack, one of my favourites is a little dish of fresh blueberries and almonds.”

Blueberries are super easy to grow. Set them in a sunny spot and with a little basic care, they will provide beautiful spring flowers.  Then they will fruit prolifically.

Mark Dann of PlantNet, has been part of the team developing the fabulous Blueberry Burst variety. This variety is for the home garden in all climates of Australia – from tropical to cooler zones.

Blueberry Burst is an evergreen, naturally dwarfing variety which produces exceptionally large fruit. It is well suited to being grown in small gardens, pots or tubs. You don’t need much room and you can control the PH levels of the soil as blueberries love a more acidic growing mix.

For those keen to try growing their own blueberries, there is no better time than autumn to get them planted. With a bit of warmth still in the air and soil, they will settle in quickly and be ready to reward you quickly with delicious home grown, fresh fruit. You’ll truly appreciate the power of the blueberry