Growing conditions and varieties available can vary around Australia. If you have any queries please contact your local Independent Garden Centre. 

What is the difference between Cactus & Succulents? According to Google – “Cactus” denotes a botanical family. “Succulent” is a looser term: A number of botanical families contain at least a few succulents. All cacti are considered to be succulents. That is because succulents are the overarching category; cacti are a sub-group of that category.”


Position: Semi-shade to full Sun

Height: Very varied *

Width: Very varied *

* Depending on variety.

Cacti & Succulents are amongst the easiest of plants to grow, whether you grow them in pots indoor or out, or in your garden. Their main enemy is poorly drained soil and overwatering. The range of foliage and flower shapes and colours is quite amazing.

Where to Plant?

Full sun suits most but many will be happy in part shade. You’ll find a huge range of pots and containers at your local Garden Centre to enhance your plants. You might even have some old containers at home. Many enthusiasts love to plant into old kettles, old pottery pieces and even old tins. The key is to ensure good drainage so use a succulent potting mix or make sure your garden soil drains freely.

Indoor Too

Certainly, but provide good air flow and light, preferably filtered sun,

When to Plant?

Any time of the year. Your local Garden Centre will have succulents any time of the year but do visit regularly as varieties change.

Prepare your Garden Soil for Planting

Add some sand or gravel if you are not sure of drainage.

Remove your plant carefully from the pot and look at the root system. The roots may need to be loosened gently from the root ball to help them grow into the fresh soil.

Water straight after planting and add Plant Starter or Liquid Seaweed to help your plant to a better start in life by gently stimulating the root system.

How Much Water?

Very little really. Most succulents will survive most conditions with hardly any watering except in very dry weather. Like any plant though, if planting in hot, dry weather do water occasionally for the first couple of weeks to settle plants in.


Liquid food through Spring and Autumn will keep your plants looking good be they in pots or in the garden. A controlled release plant food like Osmocote makes feeding easy though.

Can You Prune Them?

Certainly, but little if any is normally needed. You can shape them for low hedges, containers etc. and this is best done in early Spring after flowering. If you are keen, use any pruning to propagate more plants.

Grow Them in Containers

Succulents are brilliant container plants. Ask for advice on the growing habit when you purchase. You can use small pots or large ones, hanging baskets or window boxes. There really are no tricks to container growing but good Potting Mix is a must. We recommend you use the best possible, ideally a special Succulent Mix.

Succulents are easy to grow. They can be foundation plants and fit in beautifully with formal gardens. The varying foliage will suit any garden

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Fresh detox drink, glass with lemonade and mint.
Fresh detox drink, glass with lemonade and mint.
Shallow Focus Photography of Yellow Lime With Green Leaves
Shallow Focus Photography of Yellow Lime With Green Leaves
Shallow Focus Photography of Yellow Lime With Green Leaves